Beijing's Sub-Centre
"Beijing City Sub-Centre", whose master plan covers more than 155 square kilometres, is designed to be integrated with the prosperous Beijing capital. It will be linked to an area of 906 square kilometres in Tongzhou along the "one belt, one axis and groups" space structure, and it will take the lead as the eastern part of Beijing develops with an inspiring momentum. In response to the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Tongzhou administrative office service function industry cluster has come of age. This development will continue to attract and promote various prestigious businesses and institutions as talent and capital have been pouring across borders into Tongzhou.
Mega CBD
A number of planning and infrastructure projects in the new Bay Area CBD were completed and officially launched in 2019. Among them is a unique underground tunnel which conveniently connects many urban main roads and other business hubs around the city. It opens up a vast underground space integrating a wide array of functions, including transportation, administration and commerce. The CBD is set to attract more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign companies, and will continue developing into a focal area of leisure, entertainment and trade covering more than 1 million square metres, creating a vast potential for appreciation to the district and beyond.
Transportation Network
Capital Cove enjoys a strategic urban location. It is located near the Tongzhou Beiguan Station on Line 6 and Tongzhou Beiyuan Station on Batong Line. In addition to the existing Metro Line 6 connecting east and west, the extension of the Metro Batong Line, which is opening in 2019, will connect to the Beijing Centre Line 1. Furthermore, a number of highways and intercity railways now in the planning or construction stages, which will act as a gateway to major trading and commercial hotspots as well as other major cities in Tongzhou and China. This unparalleled transportation network delivers an unprecedented level of convenience.